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Why Rentego

Excellent locations:

  • All our apartments are within a maximum of 10 minutes by walking from the most famous sights (Charles Bridge, Old Town Square, The Castle, and Wenceslas Square) in city centre (Prague 1).
  • It is important because in Prague sights and fun places are concentrated in this small area which is best explored by walking- without wasting too much time in a car or public transportation!

Competitive prices

  • Rentego is usually 50 % cheaper than 3* hotels.

Base: Weekly stay for 4 persons for comparable locations Source: Internet comparisons

  • Our prices are based on apartment size and range from 15 to 35 euros per person per night, depending mainly on season.
  • This is based on the recommended occupancy per apartment. You can even pay less per person if instead of using the recommended occupancy you use the maximum occupancy indicated in apartment details, which corresponds to the capacity of all beds in the apartment (But please never exceed maximum occupancy).

Full service for your convenience

  • Hotel-like services
  • Online reservation 

On this website, you can check availability, prices and descriptions for our apartments in Prague. Then you can reserve online

  • Cleanup, towels and linen included

    Cleanup before and after your stay is included in prices we quote

  • Keys sent to your home for easy check-in

We send keys directly to your home for an easy check in at any time

  • 24/7 assistance by our international team

Our international team speaks English, French, German and Spanish (and Czech of course ;-) 
For important and urgent needs related to the apartment, we are available 24/7 
  • Secure online payment by credit card


About our apartments :

  • The best is that you explore properties and look at property details – we hope that descriptions, plans, maps and pictures will speak by themselves.
  • Of course, all of them are independent – as if you had your own apartment in Prague for the time of the stay.
  • For breakfast or brunch, most people prefer to go the many Cafes Prague offers. Some have their favorites, others like to change and explore every day… But you can also prefer to prepare quickly your favorite breakfast in your apartment’s kitchen before rushing to the city.