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Weekend in Prague: When To Go

Prague Hotel Prices

Here is how Prague hotel prices fluctuate over the course of the year (double room, price per night over a 4-night weekend):

Hotel prices in Prague in 2014



Source: price per night for a 4-night stay running from Wednesday to Sunday, double room for two people, on a big hotel reservations website, at the bottom of the second page, private and unshared bathroom.

Prague weather forecast 

You can check the weather forecast for Prague on 

Weather statistics:

Mean temperature Maximum 0 3 8 13 18 21 23 23 19 13 6 2
  Minimum -5 -4 -1 3 7 11 12 12 9 4 0 -3
Mean Total Rainfall (mm)   24 23 28 38 78 73 66 70 40 30 32 25
Mean Number of Rain Days   7 6 6 7 10 10 9 9 7 5 7 7

Source: Cesky Hydrometeorologicky Ustav


Advice on when to go to Prague for a week-end 

When To Go to Prague for the Weekend?


We can learn several things from the above data:

Prices Can Be Up to Four Times Higher Depending on the Dates Chosen


Prices can run from €40 euros per room per night in January up to more than €160 over 

New Year's! Choose wisely according to your preferences. If you want to rent a cheap apartment in Prague, then it's best to target November or January. If you enjoy getting out and about during the beautiful days of spring, then April and May are the most popular. If you want to experience the magic of an exceptional New Year, then permit yourself the luxury of a New Year's stay...but given that you will not be the only ones interested, the prices of lodgings will be reflective of that.


It's Best to Reserve Your Prague Accommodations in Advance

Ok, this is not obvious from the above graphs, and we will come back to it in a more detailed way later. But normally the prices in September-October are not as high as they are on this graph—they hover around €70 per room when you reserve two months in advance. But this year, at the last minute, prices rose to €140 at the end of September because Prague hotel space was almost entirely sold out. Believe us, it's really no fun to be looking for a place to stay in Prague at the last minute because you thought you'd take advantage of last minute prices. And it makes us so sad to witness people ringing desperately when we no longer have any free apartments left to offer them.

Studies have shown that the best plane fares can be had by buying, on average, 8 weeks in advance (yes, we know, it's not that easy for everyone, and as for us ourselves--...well, nevermind ;-) ). The same thing is true regarding hotels. And it's even more true when it comes to apartments in Prague, where reserving in advance will give you a lot more choice—yes, the best ones do indeed get snapped up first....Obviously, you can still take the opposite gamble—that of playing the last minute deals. But you risk having to sleep under the Charles Bridge (a bit cold on December 31stelse in Kladno (30km from Prague, and the taxi will cost you the Earth). 


You Can Get Really Good Deals If You Know What You're Looking For and You Read the Below Advice

Yes, Prague prices have caught up with the free world post-1989. For those who lament it, North Korea would be a better choice... For everyone else, if you choose to visit over New Year's or for the bridging days between holidays in May like everyone else, don't be surprised, it will be expensive.

But there are tricks. For example, in June and September, it's normally quite nice out, there are less tourists, and the prices are very affordable. If you're looking to have a festive weekend, the Feast of St. Nicholas on December 6th large and small, you'll be able to browse the Christmas markets, enjoy a mulled wine in a sportive winter atmosphere—Prague was chosen as one of the top ten best winter cities/destinations by CNN--and all this while renting a very cheap Prague apartment.

On the other hand, the more people that are in your group and the longer you stay, the cheaper it will be per person and per night. It's a perfect time to reconnect with your family and friends! :-)


The Weekend of November 28th, 2014:

Get ahead on your Christmas shopping, for once, all of it in a magical atmosphere. ;-) The young creators Christmas market is great for finding unique and surprising gifts for those who already have a lot. Don't miss the opening of the traditional Christmas markets with the illumination of the Christmas tree on the 29th!


The Feast of St. Nicholas—December 6th, 2014:

A festive evening for both little ones and adults! Please see The Feast of St. Nicholas in Prague for more.


Between the Feast and Christmas:

This is a very festive period. In addition to the Christmas markets, you will find a lot of nightlife in the bars, restaurants and clubs. Traditionally, this is a period when businesses organize parties, and when bands of friends come together once a year. If you have a particular location in mind for your stay, or you're coming with a group, think about reserving ahead...


Between Christmas and New Year's:

Obviously a very festive period, during which the Czechs still go out, to be joined in the city centre by all kinds of travellers come from around the world.


New Year's:

A magical time so popular with travellers that it is becoming a luxury to be able to stay in town over it. Please see our tricks for getting the most out of New Year's in Prague.


January and February:

Take advantage of the grand Viennese ball season and 12 other things to do in winter in Prague.


Valentine's Day:

When the romantic holiday meets a romantic city: unite the two!



Come celebrate springtime in Prague! Yes, the weather will be more unpredictable, but on the other hand you will escape the crowds and be able to enjoy much less expensive accommodations.



These are wonderful months, with very practical bridging days between holidays and weekends. But obviously, when everyone wants to take advantage of that simultaneously, it's necessary to pay a higher price—and reserve in advance—to make sure you're among the happy chosen ones.



Like September, June is a month when it is usually nice out, the prices are reasonable and there are no crowds. Therefore it's one of our favourite months! And in addition, unlike in September, there's the promise of the coming summer....



All the charm of summertime, and we will even tell you where to go boating and where to find the Prague beach.


More to follow ;-)