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Flights to Prague and other ways to travel there



By plane:

it can be as quick as a 2 hours flight from the UK and as cheap as 80 £. Low cost airlines have dramatically lowered costs to get to Prague. Usually, it is better to book in advance to get the best fares. All of these arrive in Prague Ruzyne airport, 45 minutes away from the center. Depending on where you live, you can choose from the following airlines :



By bus:

a cheap and flexible solution if you come from continental Europe. You can check


By car:

it can be a good solution if you arrive from continental Europe.

  • Once in Prague, you will not need your car any more because most of the sightseeing and entertainment are concentrated in a small pedestrian area, so choose a good accomodation in the center (with Rentego !) and put your car in a safe parking (as there are many car thefts). Budget about 500 CZK/24hrs.You can check your itinerary and travel time at


By train:

might be a good solution if you arrive from one of neighbouring countries (Austria, Germany, Poland). Until now trains are not very competitive from further destinations.