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  Renter's guide


pc online reservation

1. Reserve on-line or by phone



On our website, you can :

  • Search for apartments and check their availability here ;
  • See all details about the apartment you choose. You know where you go! ;
  • Make an online reservation ;
  • Alternately you can phone us at (00) 420 2 24 32 37 36 or contact us via email;
  • Or you can visit us in our office in Prague 1 - more info here ;
  • Check informations on Prague here .


2. Receive a reservation confirmation e-mail (within 48 hours)


You receive an e-mail with booking confirmation, detailed apartment description and detailed payment instructions. 

3. Send payment if you have not already done so

The most simple is enter your credit card (Visa ou Mastercard) details on our secure online reservation page while reserving online . Otherwise you can fax or phone us your number. Your CC number will also replace the damage deposit (which shall not be debited unless there is damage). Other possibilities are transfer or cheque in euros.

4. Receive payment confirmation by e-mail and letter


As soon as we receive/debit the last part of your payment (usually one month before your arrival), we send you an e-mail and the letter with:

  • Booking confirmation and detailed apartment description, including directions to access flat
  • The eCode to your apartment
  • The physical key to the building if needed by normal mail

5. Go directly to the property you rented


You do not have to stop by our agency ! Your property will be available from check-in time on check-in date. Thanks to the ecode sytem, you can arrive at anytime - no stress if you are late.

In some cases of last-minute reservation when a building key is needed and time is not sufficient to send you the key by normail mail, we will welcome you at the apartment.

If you wish to check-in earlier, let us know in advance (not necessary if you already gave us your arrival time). 

More info here:

6. If the building requires a key, use your key to get in


Apartments situated at address Ujezd 5 (PRIMA, MINKA, NOVA, KINSKY, KAMPA2, MALA) do not require a key. You need only a code to open the building front door and code to open the apartment.


7. Use the Code to open apartment door

 Dial in your eCode on the keyless lock. The little light changes to green and you can enter. In case of any difficulty, you can contact us at phone number (00) 420 2 24 32 37 36 or via email


8 . Check in the apartment

Visit the property and see how you like it; on the welcome table you will find a welcome letter and spare keys to the building (one per person).

Check inventory list. In case anything is damaged or missing, you must send us an e-mail with notification to within 24 hours. This should be extremely rare as properties are controlled during cleaning, before your arrival.

9. Enjoy Prague !

Enjoy Prague ! In case of any difficulties or questions related to accommodation, you can contact us for assistance at (00) 420 2 24 32 37 36 or via email These lines are forwarded to our cell phones during night and week-ends to assist you 24hrs/24 in case of serious problems with the apartment (In the payment confirmation, you will also get our mobile phone numbers for assistance) - so of course it is nicer for our team not to use them at 5am to ask for information on taxis... ;-)

10. Departure advice


Before leaving:

  • Please empty dustbins and fridge and throw their content in the building’s dustbins; also wash dishes etc. but you do not need to clean the apartment – professional cleaners will take care of it;
  • Please fill in the satisfaction questionnaire and leave it on the table;
  • If there are keys to the building, leave all of them but one on the table (in case of apartments ROXY, KAPROVA, RUDOLFINUM, LILI, SYNAGOGA please leave ALL keys on the table);
  • Look around the apartment to check if you have not forgotten anything;
  • Get out of the building using your last building key if necessary;
  • Please put the last building key and the satisfaction questionnaire in the already stamped mail envelope and send it (our address is already on it).