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Practical Info

Public Transportations (Metro, Tram, Bus)
If you use public transportation, here are the new rates -check for updates and precisions on




Adult persons over 15 years

32 CZK

24 CZK

Children from 6 up to 15 years inclusive

16 CZK

12 CZK

Tickets for two fare zones can be used 75 minutes from validation. On working days from 08.00 PM to 05.00 AM and on Saturdays and Sundays round the clock such tickets can be used 90 minutes from validation.Transfer tickets.

Non-transfer tickets
Apply to trams and buses 20 minutes allowing no change. On the Metro, such tickets are valid for the distance of 5 stations from the station of validation (not including the station of validation) allowing to change between 
the lines A,B,C, but no longer than 30 minutes. These tickets do not apply to night routes and funicular railway.

Season tickets

24-hour ticket

110,- CZK

3-day ticket (72 hours)

310,- CZK

Monthly, full-price

550,- CZK

Charge payable for carriage of various items is paid by a transfer ticket for CZK 16. The validity of such ticket is identical to that of the ticket used by a passenger carrying the luggage (but no longer than 240 minutes). This charge is payable for carriage of items larger than 25 x 45 x 70cm (a bar over 150cm, a board over 100 x 100 x 5cm) and an empty pram. Season tickets of all types entitle their holders to a free of charge carriage of one of the items subject to the charge payable for carriage of luggage. A passenger may carry only items permitted by Contractual Transport Conditions.
Charge payable for carriage of a dog without a container (not allowed on the Metro) is identical to the price of the full fare, according to a number of tariff zones. Charge payable for carriage of various items on trains of the Czech Railways is governed by provisions of the Railway Transportation Code. Season tickets do not entitle passengers to carry a dog without a container free of charge.
Season tickets valid for one or more days entitle passengers to carry free of charge one of the items subject to the charge for carriage of luggage (does not apply to a carriage of animals).

Free of charge carriage

  • Free of charge carriage applies to the following groups of passengers:
  • Children up to the age of 6
  • Prams with babies (on trains of the Czech Railways only in folded condition - so-called "pushchairs")
  • Animals (dogs) in containers
  • One ski-set with sticks
  • Bicycles (only on the Metro)
  • Other specific Czech or handicapped categories
Which ID to take?
  • If you are a citizen of the European Union, your ID card is enough from May 1rst, 2004.
  • If you are not a citizen of the European Union, please check with the Czech Embassy in your country – you might need a visa and a passport valid even after your stay. Us citizens may stay for 30 days without a visa, but citizens of Australia, New-Zealand need one.

Which money to use?
  • The local currency is the Czech crown, and the Czech Republic is not expected to adopt the Euro before a few years. Some shops like Tesco in the centre do accept euros, but generally, cash is preferred.
  • Usually, the best solution to change money is to use your credit card (Visa or MasterCard) to get cash from one of the many ATMs once in Prague. Credit cards are also accepted in many high-end restaurants and shops.
  • In case you must exchange cash, go to Exchange on Kaprova street, close to Old Town Square. Otherwise, choose bank instead of an exchange office – we have been told by some of our clients they have experienced a very inconvenient exchange rate in one of those. If for some reason you don't have another choice, then – once at the counter - ask: “ If I give this amount of Euros, how much Czech crowns do I get back?”
  • Traveler's cheques are also easy to change
  • Never change money on the street - chances to get a good rate are minimal but your risk would be maximal
How to phone?
Before you go, to phone to the Czech Republic, you should dial: International + country code (420) + number (usually 2 XX XX XX XX for Prague)
Once there, you can use four solutions:
  • Your usual cell phone, if you have activated the roaming option for Europe (contact your mobile operator if not). Your usual cell phone number will work, all your calls will be transferred to you (at the cost of the international call).
  • Buy a Czech SIM card for the time of your holidays. It will cost you 15 euro, but local calls and calls you get from abroad will be much cheaper than with roaming. This will not work if your cell phone is blocked by your operator. If it is blocked, you can unblock it in one of the small shops on Spalena street across from Tesco (look for "odblokovani mobilu") for 10 to 20 euro.
  • Buy a calling card like Smart call to use from landlines
  • Use Skype ( ) for free internet telephone
How to check e-mails?
You will find plenty of Internet cafés in Prague where you can connect to the Internet for about 0.03 € per minute. If you are a Wi-fi user, all KFC and many bars provide Wi-Fi internet access.

Overall Prague is not a very interesting shopping destination. The good deal here compared to Western Europe are entertainment and restaurants. Quality clothes and consumer goods are about 10% more expensive than in the West.
The shopping malls Palladium at Namesti Republiky and Novy Smichov at Andel will provide you with all you forgot and more. You’ll find a dozen of clothes shops, etc.
andatAndel there is even a Tesco hypermarket. If you still can’t find that little black dress to go dancing, try Zara at Na Prikope 15 or Mango at Na Prikope 8...Tesco, at Narodni Trida, might also be a good option.
  • For a crystal, a local speciality, you can turn to Moser, on Na Prikope 12.
  • For CDs (interesting in particular for good classical music recordings at a low price) :
  • Bontonland, in the "Palac Koruna" at the bottom of St-Venceslas square, with a wide choice
  • Majzlova and Kafky Franze NamestiA shop more specialized in classical music at the crossing of


  • Electricity is 220 Volts, 50 Hz as in most of continental Europe. Power outlets are the same two small round holes as in most of continental Europe (sometimes with ground pin). Therefore, devices from the UK will need an adapter and North American devices will require a transformer
  • Safety rules are the same as in any other European touristic cities. Violent crimes are very rare, but many pickpockets and car thieves are attracted by tourists. Make sure your wallet is in out of reach, do not leave valuables in your apartment and put your car in a safe parking as you will not need it in Prague.
  • No special vaccination is needed for Prague if you come from the rest of Europe
  • Tap water is safe to drink in Prague.
  • For Laundry you will find leaflets from Laundryland in our apartments, they ensure full service including pick-up and delivery
  • For more information on Prague:
  • For information targeted to expats: (We particularly appreciate the "Search" which will help you find in the forums all the tips from expats to find your tennis club or Pilates lessons) 
    Other websites (directories on travel and related topics, etc. : - World travel guide and directory
    To rent a car: contact A Rent Car use discount code RENTeGO-discount 5% to get a 5% discount. They can bring the car to any place in Prague (e.g., your apartment), and take it back from any place in Prague (e.g., your apartment or the airport).
  • Links to interesting websites: Les liens vers la plupart des sites francophones sont sur

  • Recently UBER has become highly popular.
  • Another great way to order taxis is by SMS to City taxi: send an SMS in English to +420 777 257 257, with your name, place where you need the taxi, time when you need it. You will not have to phone and wait, you will just get a confirmation SMS with the time when the taxi will arrive, car type, car colour and car plate number. The taxi will have 257 257 257 in big letters on it.
  • You can also call City Taxi 00 420 257 257 257 AAA at 14 0 14 (they speak English). If you take a cab in the street, try to choose an AAA or City Taxi or Profitaxi, check that he uses the meter and ask for a receipt. Avoid taxis parked in a highly touristic site ( St-Wenceslas Square, near Charles Bridge etc.), some of these prefer to trick a tourist than work all day...

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