Prague guide10 things to do in rainy Prague

1. Go to the sauna


prague sauna oasis

Saunas are quite popular in the Czech Republic, maybe under the influence of slavic brothers, so it should be easy to find one.You can check this list 

2. Visit a museum- the Mucha Slavic Epic


prague mucha slavic epic

Monumental paintings depicting the history of the Slav - impressive

3. Go to the restaurant for good Czech cooking


olympia kolkovna czech cooking

This chain has been voted best Czech cooking by expats, and the Olympia Kolkovna offers more space and nicer service than the one in Kolkovna 

4. Play indoor paintball


OK, paintball outside under the rain is a bore- guns jam and you end up full of painting for the wrong reasons... but what if you can play in 3500 m2 catacombs and wine cellars?

5. Enjoy a cafe with friends and family


prague cafe Louvre

The choice is huge, and after all these week-ends are just a pretext to re-connect with friends and family in an inspiring setting ;-)

6. Listen to a jazz concert


7. View a modern art exhibition at Dox


8. Opera- Nabucco and more


9. Shopping malls



prague shopping mall Novy Smichov

OK, on average buying cloth in the Czech Republic is not the best deal. Our elegant friends fly to Paris, Milano or London to do mass shopping, so we rather recommend the activities above. But these malls offer a broad choice so you might enjoying trying things and find something good-looking...
The most successful:
The most central:
The quietest, on the way to the Airport:


10. Visit the museum of communism


If you like history and want to understand the Czech today, this will take you back in time. The great thing is the exhibition also shows you how even daily life was so different from what we know...